Three Things Dog Owners Need To Know About Frostbite

Your dog is covered in fur, but that doesn't mean that they're immune from frostbite when winter arrives. Here are three things dog owners need to know about frostbite. How do dogs get frostbite? While your dog's fur acts like a coat, their entire body isn't protected. Their extremities, like their foot pads, nose, ears and tail, are vulnerable to the cold weather. When their extremities are exposed to the cold, their skin and the tissues underneath can freeze. Read More 

Ways To Keep Your Pet Dog Comfortable If They Have Inflamed Joints

If your pet dog has difficulty walking around, due to the inflammation of joints, the following tips can be used to help your furry friend remain comfortable as possible throughout the rest of their life. Holistic Treatment Holistic animal practitioners believe in treating animals as a whole and use alternative methods to treat many ailments associated with aging. Make an appointment with a holistic veterinarian and discuss the problems that your pet has been experiencing. Read More 

Has Your Doggy Been Bitten? 4 Steps to Take When Your Dog Is Attacked

If your dog's most recent trip around the block has resulted in a nasty bite, you'll need to act quickly to get the wound cleaned. Open wounds, especially bites, can lead to infections. If the wound is severe, you should get your dog to the vet as quickly as possible. However, if your dog has suffered a minor bite wound, you can stabilize the injuries before visiting the vet. Here are four steps you should take to stabilize the wound. Read More 

Has Your Dog Been In A Fight? 4 Signs That The Wounds Require Emergency Treatment

Dogs don't always get along with each other. In fact, sometimes they can get into vicious fights with each other. If your dog has been the victim of a dog bite, you'll need to care for the wound as quickly as possible. If the wound is minor, you should be able to care for it yourself. However, if the wound is serious, you should get to the veterinarian immediately. Here are four tips that will help you know when your dog's wound requires emergency medical attention. Read More 

Acute Liver Failure In Cats: An Overview

For cat owners, there are a number of illnesses that you may have never considered possible for your cat to experience. One such illness is acute liver failure, a medical emergency that requires quick treatment. Whether you think your cat is suffering from acute liver failure or you just want to learn more about it, read on for a general overview of the medical condition. What Causes Acute Liver Failure in Felines? Read More