Has Your Dog Been In A Fight? 4 Signs That The Wounds Require Emergency Treatment

Dogs don't always get along with each other. In fact, sometimes they can get into vicious fights with each other. If your dog has been the victim of a dog bite, you'll need to care for the wound as quickly as possible. If the wound is minor, you should be able to care for it yourself. However, if the wound is serious, you should get to the veterinarian immediately. Here are four tips that will help you know when your dog's wound requires emergency medical attention.

Severe Pain

If you've tried to examine your dog's wounds, but it won't let you near the site, your dog might be experiencing severe pain. If that's the case, you should get to the veterinarian as soon as possible. The pain may be a sign that there is debris inside the wound, or it could be a sign that an infection is trying to set in. Either case will require immediate medical attention.

Significant Blood Loss

If your dog has visible bleeding, you'll need to get that stopped as soon as possible. Place a clean washcloth directly over the wound and apply pressure. If the wound doesn't stop bleeding after a few minutes, or the blood soaks through the cloth quickly, you should transport your dog to the vet's office.

Don't let a lack of visible blood keep you from the vet's office. This is particularly true if your dog was attacked by a dog that was significantly larger. Your dog might have injuries that are causing internal bleeding. Press firmly on your dog's gums. If the gums don't return to a fresh shade of pink within a few seconds, take your dog to the vet immediately. It could have internal injuries.

Abdominal or Throat Wounds

If your dog has wounds to the abdomen or throat, place a towel or medical gauze over the wound, carefully lay your dog down in the car and get to your vet's office immediately. Throat and abdominal wounds can be life threatening. Throat wounds can cause damage to the windpipe, while abdominal wounds can lead to internal bleeding.

Wild Animal Bites

If your dog has been attacked by a wild animal, don't try to take care of the wounds by yourself. Instead, wrap your dog in a blanket and get it to the vet's office. When it comes to wild animal attacks, you should always assume that the animal was rabid, which means your dog is going to need immediate attention.

You never know when a disagreement between two dogs is going to turn violent. If your dog has been bitten, you need to take quick action. Use the information provided here to help you determine if your dog's wounds require veterinary care. For more information, contact a vet business such as Veterinary Emergency Services Of Lincoln.