Ways To Keep Your Pet Dog Comfortable If They Have Inflamed Joints

If your pet dog has difficulty walking around, due to the inflammation of joints, the following tips can be used to help your furry friend remain comfortable as possible throughout the rest of their life.

Holistic Treatment

Holistic animal practitioners believe in treating animals as a whole and use alternative methods to treat many ailments associated with aging. Make an appointment with a holistic veterinarian and discuss the problems that your pet has been experiencing. After examining your dog, the practitioner may suggest acupuncture, aromatherapy, or energy healing to help reduce discomfort associated with inflamed joints. Treatment options involve using natural products that won't produce negative side effects and that are safe.

Gentle Massage

Give your pet a warm, soothing bath. Afterwards, remove them from the water and wrap them in a towel. Gently massage the joint areas on each of their appendages. While doing so, use gentle pressure so that you do not cause any additional discomfort, due to the joint pain that your dog is experiencing.

Pay attention to your dog's reaction to each motion that you make with your fingertips to ensure that they are relaxing. The combination of warmth from the bath and gentle kneading from your fingers may help increase blood flow to the areas that were causing your pet pain and may also help reduce swelling around the problematic areas.

Joint Pain Relief Supplements And A Supportive Bed

Purchase a bottle of joint pain relief supplements from a licensed veterinarian or a pet supply retailer. Follow the dosage instructions that you are provided with when you make your purchase and give the supplements to your pet at the same time each day. Take note of how the supplements are working and address any concerns if they come up so that you can purchase a different type of supplement if needed.

Invest in a firm pet bed so that your dog's legs and body will be supported evenly and prevent additional strain on any of their joints. Once your pet grows accustomed to their new bed and the supplements that you give them, they may be able to move around in an easier manner throughout each day.

Stay in touch with the holistic practitioner or standard veterinarian, such as Moon Mobile Veterinary Services LLC, who usually treats your dog and inform them of your pet's progress once you have tried all of the preceding tips. If any adjustments need to be made, you will be notified so that your pet does not have to suffer with debilitating discomfort.