Treat Your Cat After They Have Been Sprayed By A Skunk

If you allowed your cat to go outside at night and to your horror your cat came home and you were instantly greeted with the unsavory scent of a skunk, you may be worried about the effects that the skunk's spray will have on your pet. Use the following course of action to treat your pet and eliminate the foul odor. Materials disposable gloves shallow basin warm water detergent cup tomato juice towel soft-bristled brush Provide Your Pet With An Assessment Read More 

What Are Those White Flakes? 4 Tips To Get Rid Of Doggy Dandruff

If your dog is leaving white flakes everywhere it goes, it might have developed a nasty case of dandruff. The last thing you want to deal with is a layer of white powder on your furniture, or dandruff flakes on your clothes every time you brush your dog. Luckily, most cases of dandruff aren't signs of any significant health problems. They're just a nuisance. Luckily, there are some simple remedies for doggy dandruff. Read More 

Preventing, Recognizing, And Treating Cat Abscesses

An abscess occurs when a cat gets bitten or scratched by another cat, and then the wound becomes infected. Cats are prone to these because their wounds tend to close up quickly with little blood flow, which means bacteria can easily become trapped and cause an infection. The following guide can help you recognize an abscess quickly so you can begin proper treatment before an infection becomes severe. What makes a cat more prone to abscesses? Read More 

Puppy Panic: How Do You Choose The Best Breeder?

The breeder you choose to get your puppy from is just as important as the breed you choose for your family. Don't take chances on these important decisions — here's some help on how to choose a breeder that stands head, shoulders, and tail above the rest. Why It's So Important To Find A Great Breeder You want your new puppy to come from a healthy, trustworthy line, but you also want a puppy who has been adequately socialized, despite his young age. Read More 

Pet in Pain? Two Tips to Help You Get Affordable Veterinary Care

When your pet is in pain, it can hurt you almost as much as it hurts them.  You may be feeling quite helpless, especially since your animal cannot speak and, therefore, isn't able to tell you what is wrong with them.  The situation can become even more difficult when you realize that you don't have a lot of money to spend to help them get care.  However, there are things you can do to get budget-friendly veterinary care for your pet. Read More