Treat Your Cat After They Have Been Sprayed By A Skunk

If you allowed your cat to go outside at night and to your horror your cat came home and you were instantly greeted with the unsavory scent of a skunk, you may be worried about the effects that the skunk's spray will have on your pet. Use the following course of action to treat your pet and eliminate the foul odor.


  • disposable gloves
  • shallow basin
  • warm water
  • detergent
  • cup
  • tomato juice
  • towel
  • soft-bristled brush

Provide Your Pet With An Assessment

Put on a pair of disposable gloves to prevent the skunk spray from coming into contact with your skin. Carry your pet into a well-lit room and visually inspect them. Skunk spray is typically harmless as long as it does not come into contact with your pet's eyes, nose, or mouth. If you notice that your cat has difficulty opening their eyes or is struggling to breathe, seek emergency care by contacting a veterinarian that provides after hour care.

A veterinarian practice will request that you transport your cat immediately to a animal care facility so that your pet can be examined and provided with medication that will counteract a burning sensation in the areas of your pet's body that came into contact with the spray.

Give Your Pet A Bath

If your pet appears to be unaffected by the skunk spray other than the foul odor, giving your pet a bath will reduce the unpleasant scent. Fill a shallow basin with warm water. Gather up bath supplies that are needed, including shampoo, a cup, tomato juice, a towel, and a soft-bristled brush. Tomato juice may seem like an odd item to use during a bath, but it will help neutralize the foul odor and will not cause harm to your pet.

Gently pick your cat up and place them in the basin so that their feet are resting on the bottom of the basin. Grasp your cat behind the neck with one hand as you slowly pour cupfuls of warm water on your pet's body. Pour a small amount of shampoo onto your pet's back and use your fingers to lather up the shampoo. Pour tomato juice into a cup and pour a small amount of the juice onto the portions of your pet's body that are emitting an unpleasant scent.

Rinse your pet's body with warm water and towel dry your cat. Use a soft-bristled brush to comb your pet's fur. If you still smell the skunk odor, do not be alarmed. It may take several days for the scent to fade completely and you can give your pet another bath the following day to help reduce the foul odor.  Contact a vet hospital, like Metzger Animal Hospital, for more help.