Three Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe and Healthy This Winter

The winter months can present a number of unique challenges to your dog. However, it is common for pet owners to be fairly uninformed and inexperienced when it comes to the winter care needs of their dog. To help you keep your dog safe from some common problems this winter, you will need to keep these three dog-care tips in mind. Have Your Dog Wear Foot Covers Many pet owners will simply assume that their dog's feet are able to comfortably withstand snow and ice. Read More 

Fight Your Dog’s Ear Infection With Vinegar

Dogs have highly tuned senses of hearing. Your dog can hear sounds that the human ear literally can't pick up. An ear infection for a dog is not only painful and unpleasant, it can lessen their ability to interact with the world around them since they rely on their sense of hearing for so many everyday tasks. If your dog has been suffering from a painful ear infection, you can help treat the infection with vinegar. Read More 

4 Times That You Need To Take Your Dog To The Hospital

If this is your first time owning a dog, it can be difficult to know when you should take your dog to the animal hospital and when you should try to treat your dog by yourself. Here are four times that you should not try to address your dog's issues on your own and should instead take them to the local animal hospital for further assistance. #1 Bloated Abdomen If your dog's stomach or abdomen area swells and expands rapidly over the course of a day or even a couple of hours, you need to take your dog to your local animal hospital right away. Read More 

Is Your Cat Expecting? 4 Steps to Take During an Emergency Delivery

If your cat is expecting, it's best to be prepared to step in if the need arises. This is particularly true if your cat will be delivering its first litter. While cats usually know what they're doing based on instinct, problems can arise. When it comes time for your cat to deliver, here are some steps you should take to help facilitate the delivery in the event of an emergency. Read More 

3 Reason’s Your Dog’s Skin Is Itching

If your dog has recently been itching their skin all all the time, you need to take your dog into the vet so that your vet can investigate what is going on with your dog. Here are three reasons why your dog's skin may be feeling irritated. #1 Food Allergies Just like humans, dogs can get food allergies as well. If you have recently change out the food that you feed your dog, you may want to compare the ingredient list to the food that you were previously feeding your dog and see if your new dog food contains any new ingredients. Read More