4 Steps To Take If Your Dog Consumes Cooked Chicken Bones

While many dogs love to chew on bones, chicken bones, particularly cooked chicken bones, can be very dangerous for dogs. Cooked chicken bones become very dry and brittle, and when they are chewed they tend to splinter into sharp pieces. If your dog has accidentally ingested cooked chicken bones it is important to be proactive. Take the following steps to protect your dog's health when he or she consumes cooked chicken bones:

Be Attentive During Bathroom Time

As a pet owner, you will need to closely monitor your dog during potty breaks after he or she eats cooked chicken bones. It may be an unpleasant prospect, but it is important to examine the stool to see if the bone particles have safely passed. If you notice that your dog is straining during a bowel movement or if there is blood in the stool, you need to take your dog to an animal hospital for treatment. These symptoms can be signs that the stomach or intestines have been damaged by the bone shards, or the bones have caused an intestinal blockage. A vet at the animal hospital may elect to take x-rays in order to see where the bone shards are. 

Watch for Changes in Temperament

Shards of cooked chicken bones can do damage to the stomach and intestines as they move through the digestive system, which can be painful for a dog. Carefully watch your dog for any changes in his or her temperament. If he or she becomes lethargic, moody,or is panting and whimpering, you should take him or her to an animal hospital immediately. In situations where a dog eats cooked chicken bones and there are complications, the earlier treatment is started the better.

Feed Your Dog Bland Food

If your dog begins passing the chicken bones without problems or blood in the stool, stick to feeding him or her a bland diet for a few days. Plain cooked white rice and boiled chicken are often recommended, as these foods are easy on the digestive system and can help move things along.

Avoid Inducing Vomiting

It can be easy to panic after discovering that your dog has consumed cooked chicken bones, but it is important that you do not administer any type of medication that induces vomiting. If you try to induce vomiting, your dog's esophagus can be severely damaged as the small pieces of sharp bone shards are regurgitated. 

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