3 Routine Things That Are Done During Your Dog’s Vet Checkups

It is important that you take your dog into the veterinarian for checkups to ensure that they are in good health overall and to have some necessary health procedures taken care of. This article will discuss three routine things that will be done during your dog's vet checkups. 

Giving Shots

When your dog goes in for their checkup, they may need to get some shots, if they aren't currently up to date. This could include their rabies shot, their parvovirus shot, or any regular vaccines that they may need. Most of these shots are generally going to be administered just beneath the skin on either of their shoulders. This is an area that isn't super sensitive for them, so they will likely only notice the pain for a short amount of time before they are back to acting like themselves. However, keep in mind that it is important to watch your dog closely after they receive any type of shot just to ensure that they you notice any negative reactions.

Drawing Blood 

When your dog goes in for their checkup, your vet will also likely take some blood for different tests. They can test for heart worms, cancer, diabetes, thyroid disease, and more. The vet may test your dog's blood for other things as well if they suspect that there may be a cause for concern. The process of drawing your dog's blood is generally quick and will be very similar to giving them shots. These tests are then run and can allow you to know whether your dog is healthy or is in need of further testing or treatment. 

Checking Oral Health

Your vet will also examine your dog's teeth and gums when you take them in for a checkup. They will look at the amount of plaque and tartar on your dog's teeth, bleeding or swollen gums, broken or chipped teeth, and any other signs that may show that your dog has poor oral health. If they find that your dog's teeth and gums aren't in good condition, then your dog may need to be sedated for further treatment. The vet will likely clean the teeth and then show you how to properly clean them so that you can do this on your own on a regular basis. They will also probably prescribe you some toothpaste as well as any antibiotics that your dog needs to take for any infections in their gums or other areas of their mouth. 

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