How Bordetella Spreads & How To Keep Your Cat Safe From It

Bordetella is a respiratory disease that affects cats and is very easily spread. Here is a quick breakdown of how your cat can catch Bordetella, how you can prevent your cat from catching it and how to treat your cat if they do catch Bordetella.

How Bordetella Is Spread

Bordetella is spread through breathing contaminated air. It is spread in a very similar fashion to how the common cold and flu is spread among humans.

When an infected cat breathes around a non-infected cat, the non-infected cat can catch the disease. Bordetella can be spread through a cat's saliva as well, which can be spread around when it howls, spits, or even meows. The easiest way for a cat to become infected is to be around another cat that already has Bordetella.

How To Prevent Your Cat From Catching Bordetella

The best way to prevent your cat from catching Bordetella is by making sure that you get your cat vaccinated against the disease. This vaccination only requires one shot to be effective. By getting this one-time vaccination shot, you can protect your cat from contracting Bordetella for their entire life.

If your cat ever goes outside or interacts with other cats, it is vital that your cat get the Bordetella vaccination to ensure that your cat doesn't pick up this sometimes-fatal disease.

If your cat stays inside and is never exposed to any other cats, it is less crucial that your cat get the Bordetella vaccination. However, it is still a good idea, in case your cat does ever come into contact with another cat.

Treating Your Cat's Bordetella

When a cat contracts Bordetella, they generally suddenly get really lazy and tired and don't want to eat, drink, play, or acknowledge you in any way. They will also sneeze constantly while releasing discharge out of their mouth, nose, and eyes. Your cat could also develop swollen lymph nodes and a fever as well. If your cat looks and seems to be under the weather as described above, it could be Bordetella.

When you see your cat exhibit the signs above, it is vital that you get your cat to the vet right away. If spotted and treated right away, your cat will be able to battle the disease. Your vet will most likely either prescribe Baytril or Clavamox, which are two common antibiotics used to treat the disease.

If you own more than one cat, you should quarantine the sick cat away from the other cats so they don't have to go through the experience of battling Bordetella. Bordetella can be a fatal disease for both young kittens and elderly cats. For more information, talk to a vet at a location such as Marquette Animal Hospital.